Bridle after bridle after bridle.

One of my favorite tactile sensations is leather that has been kept hydrated. And I get paid to do that.

Some good news and some bad…here’s a couple of updates:

1. I will not be adopting Oliver at this time. When I called the shelter to ask about whether my adoption application had been approved or denied, I was told that he was now very sick. In fact, sicker than he was yesterday when I brought him in. Upon hearing that, I asked the woman who answered the phone for her opinion on what would be best for him. She told me that, since my application was missing some information and would need to be taken in front of the adoption committee anyways because I am under 21, she thought it would be best if I left him with them. So, that is what I agreed to do. I was not told what he is sick with, only that he had gotten much worse. I am honestly very worried that he will continue to get worse and then be put down and it shatters my heart to think of that. So, I am trying not to. But, unfortunately, the tears haven’t stopped flowing and I am very upset. I know he is in good hands where he is and he is being cared for by the best but I cannot stop myself from wishing he were curled up, asleep, in my arms again. My heart is broken. 

2. My friend who has been riding Prima under the tutelage of my sister while I’ve been at school messaged me this morning and said that I, “have an amazing horse,” and I, “have done such a good job with her.” Apparently they have been having a great time together! I was so happy to hear that. I admit that I was a complete asshat to poor Rach all summer and was not willing, at all, to introduce her to Prima and let them figure each other out. But, my sister called the day before I left for school and, when she asked about it, I had a breakdown and she talked me through it and made me see that this was going to be a good thing for Prima. She, clearly, was right. I am so relieved that Rach and Prima are getting along so well and I am genuinely so excited to see what they can accomplish in the future. When I get home, I may ask Rach what she thinks of leasing Prima officially or even buying her. It is clear that she loves my pony and I have no doubt that Prima adores her as well. This is pretty big for miss P and I am SO glad she is doing well. Prettiest girl in the world, my pony. 

3. Next Wednesday, mum and I are off to a short vacation in Myrtle Beach! I absolutely cannot wait. I miss her more than I can say and I feel like we both definitely need to get away for a little while. I am very excited.

4. In 55 days, I will be back in Boston for Thanksgiving break. This means a) seeing my best friend, b) seeing my horse, c) seeing my cat, d) seeing my family (not sure if my brother will be home or not though…), e) seeing the boy I like, f) sleeping in my own damn bed, and g) being back home, finally. I couldn’t possibly be more excited. I miss everything about home more than anything in the world. Especially right now. Hopefully time flies!

And, yeah…that’s about it right now.



Ended up walking Mary from 6-8 pm since she was showing signs of colic. But we had a nice walk, few trots up the hill


Photo courtesy ‘Eventingworldwide’

Cottesmore leap at Burghley

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