this blog will be going on a little hiatus for a while. i don’t know how long. but. yeah. unfollow if you want, i won’t blame you. i’ll check my inbox every so often to answer questions and be supportive of my friends.

love you guys.

see you on the flip side.

Crush description: you

Hahahahahahahaha, aw. You are adorable and quite funny. Sweet, too. Xx <3

Your profile picture is so darn cute! Tell me about your horse!

Aw, thank youu. I got some even better epic selfies with her the day before I left for school. I should change it to one of those. Hm. Decisions, decisions.

But, okay, anyways. I have a 10 year old Morgan mare named Primadonna, Prima for short. She is wicked cute and full to her ears of personality. She’s wicked nosy and in-your-pocket and she lOVES attention. She’s also incredibly sensitive to the world around her and sometimes it drives her crazy. She’s my best friend. She has a few major itchy spots which are endlessly entertaining to scratch..she makes the greatest faces and contorts her body in ridiculous ways every time. Her favourite treats are Stud Muffins and Granny Smith apples but she also likes…everything. She would eat a cardboard box if you gave one to her. She also likes to rip zippers off of jackets. She’s a total sweetheart and adores people. She’s quite opinionated though so it’s never a good idea to get on her bad side. She’s 13.3hh but she sure can be a TON of horse to handle. At the same time, I can get on her bareback without a halter or a helmet or anything and literally go to sleep on her back while she eats and she’ll just stand there and eat. Whenever I fall off she either runs away or presses her nose into my face to make sure I’m okay. Depends on if she’s being a dick or if she’s scared. She cannot walk with me without touching me…even if someone else is riding her. If I am next to her, she is touching me. 

Long story short…she is very cute and I love her very much.

Why are you alone? :(

I’ve only got a few friends and they’ve all got friends whom they like much more than me.

I’m an introvert - I don’t mind being alone. But, sometimes, I really need to be around someone to remind myself that maybe someone would notice if I disappeared. If that makes sense.

I like being alone…I don’t like feeling alone. Right now, I am both alone and feeling alone and that is not a good combination for me. 


What was the first horse you ever rode like? Mine was an old chestnut quarter horse named Remedy and he was the sweetest boy.

The first horse I EVER sat on was this ancient little grey QH mare named Snowy! I thought she was the most magical creature in the world when I was 5-6. She was put down when I was 7ish, I believe. She was a sweet old lady. I wish I’d gotten the chance to say goodbye. The first horse I rode, rode, like in a lesson, was this big draft x paint mare named Bright Eyes at a western ranch place. She was a doll too. I grew up on some pretty wonderful horses…I am so lucky.

Hi, okay, yes, I would PLEASE like questions or would-you-rathers or fuck-marry-kills, or stories, or crush descriptions or SOMETHING because I’m all alone and really not exactly in a great mental place right now and really just want distractions from the fact that I’m alone and feeling wicked, wicked bad. Someone be my friend):