it’s an ed sheeran kinda day


Horse: Borencio

Rider: Emmelie Scholtens



Ahhhh!! The video I have been waiting for!!! Hands down one of the best runs I have had on him to date even if it was 101 with stupid humidity. He was so game to everything! I am so so so proud of this horse!! He takes everything like an old pro, this was our first recognized HT at Prelim having only run around a short Prelim schooling 1-day the month before and he looks like he’s been running it all season! There are a few places where I nit pick and dig us underneath a few fences but he never stops jumping!! BRING ON GALWAY!!!

He looks SO good, La! What a champ. You both smashed it out there. <3

coll and i, at least 5 times a day, text each other pictures/gifs/videos of harry or liam or harry & liam together so we can plan our futures and cry about them together. more aptly described as lovingly torturing each other.

true love. 


Can’t get anything done when the lover boys are out together

D’you ever know you’re putting yourself in a bad, messy, complicated situation but still, without knowing why, continue with it?